So Goes Life… Seasons Change


As the fall leaves begin to show forth their glorious shades of copper, red, and yellow I cannot but help to be reminded of the ever changing seasons. I find it to be a truly marvelous thing, this annual progression from spring to summer to fall to winter. Each season with its own unique sets of traits and characteristics. Each season rewarding and challenging in its own ways.

It seems to me that we all go through seasons in our lives as well. Sometimes these changes of seasons happen in a natural progression like the seasons of the year. Such is the case when we look at our lives as a whole. But sometimes these seasons of our lives bounce around. One day we are great, the next not so much, and then the next day things are great again.

Call me a pie-eyed optimist but I believe that every season has lessons for us to learn. Sometimes those lessons are hard; lessons of grief, hardship, illness or the like. Sometimes those lessons are awesome; the laughter with friends, the joy of family, the thrill of love.

In and through all the seasons of life we have a God who guides us and directs us. We can give thanks for the good and trust in his love and grace during the pain. That is a great thing.

Take time to embrace the season’s change.

Until Next Time,
Pastor Stanton

Sunday School Kicks Off!


Sunday School 2015-2016 kicked off on Sunday the 13th. The kids learned about Joseph’s coat of many colors!